Do I need a Planning permit

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You will need a Planning Permit to:

  • Build a house on your land if your block is less than 300 square metres
  • Build units on your land (more than one house on the block)
  • Subdivide your land
  • Build/extend an Industrial or Commercial building
  • Demolish a building or any part of a building (including a house) if it's within a heritage area
  • Construct or extend a building or carry out other works (i.e.: building a fence) if it’s within a Heritage Area
  • Remove or vary a covenant/restriction from your Land Title
  • Create, vary or remove an easement on your Land Title/ Plan of Subdivision

If you require a planning permit for development you must engage a draftsman/architect and for subdivision, a land surveyor, to draw plans based on your proposal. Council isn't able to recommend any companies that undertake this type of work. This will be at your discretion.

You may need a planning permit to:

  • Use land in a certain way or change the use of a property
  • Carry out a business from home
  • Display or erect signage on your land or building
  • Build, extend, or carry out works to a house or building if it’s within a prescribed overlay
  • Seek a reduction to the required car parking rates within the Brimbank Planning Scheme
  • Sell liquor from your premise
  • Any change, including painting, to a building in a heritage area

Apply for a Planning permit application.

VicSmart planning permit

VicSmart is simpler and more straightforward. It covers minor applications, for example:

  • Low-cost buildings and works in residential and rural zones
  • Moderate-cost buildings and works in commercial and industrial zones
  • Front fences
  • Certain signage and subdivision types
  • Limited reduction to parking

VicSmart doesn’t require your application be referred to any authorities or advertised to neighbouring properties.

To be eligible for a ‘VicSmart’ application you must meet all the criteria against the type of works you want to do, as outlined within the zone and overlay requirements that applies to your land.

Submit your VicSmart planning permit application and all the required documentation specified at clauses 59.01 to 59.14 of the Brimbank planning scheme.

Discussing your proposal before submitting to us:

You can meet with a Senior Planner (a Pre-application Meeting) to discuss your proposal if it's a:

  • Multi-unit development of 10 or more dwellings
  • Heritage application
  • Industrial development where development costs exceed $2 million
  • Commercial development where development cost exceeds $1 million.

Prior to the meeting you must provide:

  • A copy of title
  • ‘Draft’ plans
  • Any other information to support your proposal.

You can get preliminary advice from our team for all other proposals by:

  • Using one of the contact options below

If you think you may need a Planning permit and want to obtain planning advice


  • A property you own or wish to purchase for development potential (e.g. unit development)
  • Subdividing your land, or land you wish to purchase
  • Operating a business from home
  • Occupying a commercial or industrial premise for a particular type of business
  • Building from scratch or extending a building
  • Erecting or displaying business signs or other forms of advertising
  • Planning legislation and interpretation of the Brimbank Planning Scheme
  • Information on planning zones and overlays
  • Information on whether your property is covered by heritage controls
  • Restoring, altering or extending your heritage house


  • Subdividing your land, or land you wish to purchase

Complete this application:

Contact options to discuss your proposal

What is the difference between Planning and Building permits

They’re governed by different laws and regulations. Depending on what you want to do, you may need a Planning Permit, a Building Permit, or both.

Nearly every type of building works (i.e. extensions, houses, fences, sheds, decks, water tanks) requires a building permit, unless it’s specifically exempt under building regulations.

To find out more about Building and to apply for Building permits.

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