Car parking management plans

Our car parking management plans focus on managing the parking needs of residents, traders and commuters in the Sunshine and St Albans activity centres.

They have been prepared to maximise the use of the existing parking assets, and not creating additional car parking and are based on an independent car parking studies into parking patterns around the Activity centres.

They cover parking demand and locations, time limits and signage, traffic flows, and off-street parking options, permit parking and zoned areas.

The aim to achieve the objectives of the Parking strategy 2019-2029 which includes:

  • parking is readily available and well located for those who need and value it most
  • parking supply is well-designed and efficiently utilised within the activity centre
  • residential on-street parking is efficiently utilised and, where scarce, is actively managed to prioritise the needs of residents
  • demand for on-street parking minimises undue negative impacts on local residents
  • on and off-street parking facilities are efficiently utilised with sharing across multiple user groups.

Sunshine Activity Centre car parking management plan (PDF 8.9MB)

St Albans Activity Centre car parking management plan (PDF 5.1MB)


Last updated: 29 January 2024 - 11:25am