Resident placing bins by the kerb for collection

 Bin Types

Smiling cartoon bin with red lid

Garbage bins

Garbage bins (red lid) are for household rubbish and are collected weekly. 

Rubbish in this bin goes to landfill. Material that can be reused, recycled, or composted should not go in this bin.

Rubbish should be contained in bags or wrapped. You must bring your bin in on the same day it is emptied.

Bin collection days

Your bins must be out by 6am on your collection day. Make sure you leave at least half a metre between the bins, with the wheels away from the road.

Check the Brimbank Waste Calendar (PDF 256 KB) or enter your address at My Street for your collection day information.

    Unemptied, damaged or lost or stolen bins

    Report issues with your bins

    How to get a bin

    Apply for a new bin online

    Cost of residential collection service

    You pay an Environmental Charge each year, through your council rates. Environmental charges will vary according to the size of your garbage bin.

    Type Size Annual Charges
    Garbage 80L $220.48
    Garbage 140L $361.03
    Garbage 240L $643.55
    Food and garden organics 140L $98.34
    Food and garden organics 240L $109.95

    Please note:  240L garbage bin is no longer available/existing clients only.

    More information on the environmental charge can be found in our Annual Budget.

    Bin feedback program

    We conduct random bin inspections throughout Brimbank to:

    • understand how residents are using their bins
    • protect the safety of workers at our waste facilities
    • provide feedback to residents on how they are using their bins
    • reduce the impact of contamination.

    Contamination occurs when people put incorrect items in their recycling bin or food and garden organics bin. When you contaminate a bin with incorrect items, the recycling process becomes less efficient and valuable resources can be sent to landfill rather than being reused or recycled.

    If staff identify a “hazardous” item in your bin, they will sticker it shut and your bin will not be collected. A letter will be placed in your mailbox requesting you to remove the contaminant item.

    Council will organise collection once the contaminant has been removed.

    Contact us for more information

    Last updated: 29 January 2024 - 4:22pm