Planning information

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About Planning

Planning guides our actions and the decisions we make affect what happens 'on the ground'. We shape the future of our area by managing:

  • Development
  • Subdivision
  • Infrastructure and services
  • Community needs
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Cultural heritage
  • Economic sustainability

We use planning to balance built and natural environments, to improve quality of life, and create vibrant communities.

To obtain copies of plans, complete planning permit and/or endorsed plans.

Planning register

Our online Planning register (PDF 1.3MB) is provided in accordance with section 49 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and includes:

  • All planning applications received, decisions made and any VCAT appeals for the last 2 years and is continuous
  • A glossary of terms at the beginning of the register (once downloaded) to help you understand the content of the register;
  • Searchable planning applications by using the ‘Control F’ function; and
  • Up to date Planning applications received until the previous day

Due to privacy laws, not all information is provided. However if you need any further information about the register or its content, contact City Planning on (03) 9249 4000.

What is a Planning permit and do I need one

A planning permit is a legal document that lets you use land (i.e. shops, offices, warehouses, medical centres), or develop land (i.e. new buildings, units, extensions, subdivisions, signage). It includes plans, drawings or other approved documents.

Refer to do I need a Planning permit or find out if a planning permit is required, zoning or overlay affects to your property and guidance on planning legislation:

    To learn more about how to apply and the planning permit process or to apply for a Planning permit application.

    If you think you may need a Planning permit and want to obtain planning advice


    • A property you own or wish to purchase for development potential (e.g. unit development)
    • Subdividing your land, or land you wish to purchase
    • Operating a business from home
    • Occupying a commercial or industrial premise for a particular type of business
    • Building from scratch or extending a building
    • Erecting or displaying business signs or other forms of advertising
    • Planning legislation and interpretation of the Brimbank Planning Scheme
    • Information on planning zones and overlays
    • Information on whether your property is covered by heritage controls
    • Restoring, altering or extending your heritage house.

    Complete this application:

    To discuss your proposal or if you want an update on your current application

    Try these contact options:

    • Contact the planner responsible for your application
    • Call 9249 4000
    • Email
    • Visit Brimbank Community and Civic Centre, 301 Hampshire Road, Sunshine

    Planning laws and regulations

    Planning laws

    The Planning and Environment Act 1987 sets out the operational requirements of the Victorian Planning system. This Act is framework for planning use, development and protection of Victoria’s land. It contains procedures for:

    • Obtaining permits under relevant council planning schemes
    • Preparing and amending the Victoria Planning Provisions and planning schemes
    • Enforcing compliance with the planning scheme
    • Settling disputes and other administrative procedures.

    The Subdivision Act 1988 sets out the requirements for the approval of subdivisions. The Act outlines the procedure for the subdivision and consolidation of land (including buildings and airspace). It also contains procedures for the:

    • Creation, variation, or removal of easements or restrictions
    • Creation and dealings of common property
    • ‘Certification process’
    • Registration of plans at the Titles office.

    Planning schemes

    Each local government in Victoria has its own planning scheme. We administer the Brimbank Planning Scheme, which contains the Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) at clauses 21.00 – 21.11.

    To view the Municipal Strategic Statement from the Brimbank Planning Scheme, click the 'Download Brimbank PDF scheme' and from page 177, you will find the Municipal Strategic Statement.

    Our scheme provides a framework for decisions about the use and development of land in our area. It also provides for the implementation of local policies – as well as at state and regional level.

    Planning zones and overlay controls

    Use the State Government’s free service to find out what zone or overlay affects your property. Over the phone, we can only provide general information about zones and overlays. For a fee we will provide written advice on zones and overlays (link to Property Information).

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