Greening the West - One Million Trees Project


We've joined with five other councils from Melbourne’s west to plant and manage up to one million trees and associated understorey of mixed native plantings. 

The One Million Trees Project is funded through the Department of the Environment under the National Landcare Programme's 20 Million Trees Program.

In 2015 the Australian Federal Government funded Greening the West to the tune of $5million to plant a million trees in Melbourne's western suburbs. We're a Greening the West partner which means we're committed to planting 150,000 trees in Brimbank's parks and waterways.

The funding agreement ended in June 2017. All trees were required to be planted by this time.

Aim of Greening the West

Greening the West's aim is to increase tree canopy cover to mitigate the impacts of heatwaves. For example, around 170 people died in 2009 due to the Black Saturday bushfires. Another 370 people died due to heatwave with most deaths in Melbourne's north and west.

Lack of tree canopy cover is one of the contributing factors as to why these suburbs are vulnerable.

Greening the West was released in 2013. Council endorsed the document and in 2016 adopted an Urban Forest Strategy that seeks to increase Brimbank's canopy cover from the current 6.2% to 30% over the next 30 years.

A 30% canopy cover is a benchmark that ensures livability and assists in mitigating heatwaves.

How many trees planted?

We've planted 90,000 trees! We'll plant the remaining 60,000 in the 2017 planting season in the following parks:

Park Site No. of Trees
Keilor Golf Course: 20000
Nancy Whiteside Reserve, Sunshine West: 10656
Mathews Hill Reserve, Sunshine 6148
Green Gully Reserve, Keilor 3560
Taylors Creek Stage 2 Planting, Taylors Lakes 3160
Copernicus Way Reserve, Keilor Downs 2550
Buckingham Reserve, Sunshine West 2540
Killen Reserve, Sunshine West 2530
Calder Rise Reserve, Keilor 2266
McCann Drive Reserve, Albanvale 2000
Delahey Reserve Stage 2, Delahey 1750
Vasa Place Reserve, Taylors Lakes 1295
Penthryn Court, Taylors Lakes 995
Pioneer Park, Sydenham 350
Darebin & Stockwell Reserve, Keilor Downs 200

What else are we doing?

2019 Street Tree Infill Program

The Street Infill Program is over a ten-year period. We're planting 17,000 to 20,000 new street tree in areas where stocks are limited or have been depleted. 

Street Tree Policy

Our Street Tree Policy (PDF 5.8MB) addresses street tree management to create and maintain an attractive and safe urban environment. The policy offers guidelines and actions for planting and risk management including: selection and procurement, planting and pruning and much more.

Urban Forest Strategy 2016-2046

Our Urban Forest Strategy outlines our intention to increase Brimbank's tree canopy coverage from 6.2% to 30% over the next 30 years.

Green Army

The Green Army is a hands-on, practical environmental action program that supports local environment and heritage conservation projects across Australia. Supported by the Australian Government

Green Army projects will be implemented within Brimbank as part of the 10,000 trees in 10 parks project.

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Last updated: 29 January 2024 - 11:48am