Sunshine Town Centre Structure Plan

The Sunshine Town Centre Structure Plan (PDF 8.725MB) outlines our strategy for realising the Sunshine Town Centre’s full potential, and transforming it into the capital of Melbourne’s West.

The basic building blocks of this vision are already in place with traditional high street shops, two major shopping centres, Victoria University campus, nearby hospital, and a host of government and community services that draw thousands of people every day from the western suburbs to the centre.

The Sunshine Railway Station upgrade has improved public transport capacity. It establishes Sunshine as a regional gateway to western Victoria and metropolitan entry point for trains from Victoria’s three largest regional cities.

The structure plan informs future decision making and resource allocation. Its implementation relies on private and public stakeholders including Council and this will be subject to the annual capital works and operational budget process undertaken by Council.

Last updated: 29 January 2024 - 11:17am