Littering and dumped rubbish

litter on ground around feet with a soccer ball


Want to report a littering offence? Please use our Report it system to let us know the location and details including as much as possible of the following:

  • Date and time you saw the littering
  • Location e.g. street name, suburb and house number (e.g. outside number 10)
  • Description and number of offenders
  • Address of offender (if known), e.g. “I saw them come out of Unit 1 at No 50”
  • Type of material dumped, e.g. truckload of soil; concrete, etc.
  • Your name, address and contact telephone number.

You may have to attend Magistrates’ Court to give evidence – however this happens in less than 2% of cases.

Dumped rubbish

Dumping unwanted items on natural strips, parks and undeveloped land is a serious offence that carries heavy fines ranging from around $370 to over $5000.  Council has surveillance cameras in many locations across Brimbank which are used to investigate and enforce penalties to individuals and businesses dumping rubbish. 

If you come across dumped rubbish use the Report-It system described above.

Dog poo

It’s an offence if you don’t clean up after your dog. It is considered littering.

We provide free Doggie Doo Bags in our Off-Leash Reserves, so you can pick-up after your pets.

Unsafe items

Syringes, cigarette butts and other toxic chemicals require special handling and community members are encouraged to take care around this type of rubbish and report it to organise safe removal.

Report littering from a vehicle

If you see someone littering a cigarette butt or other types of litter from a vehicle or near the vehicle they are using, you can report it to EPA online. Find further information about reporting litter from vehicles.



Last updated: 24 January 2024 - 3:05pm