Lost and found pets

Dog held in owners arm

From time to time pets wander off, get lost or run into trouble. It's important to let us know when this happens so we can help find the right owner or get help for the lost animal.

Call us on 03 9249 4000 to speak with our Animal Management Officers. Calls outside of office hours will be directed to our After Hours service.

If you've lost a pet

Have you lost your pet? Please have the following information ready before you call us on 03 9249 4000

  • your contact details including name, address and telephone
  • your pet's registration number
  • microchip details
  • description of your pet, including any distinguishing marks
  • details of collar and registration tags
  • your pet’s name and age.

We'll use these details to attempt to locate and reunite your pet. 

If you've found an animal

Spotted a stray animal? Call us on 03 9249 4000 to organise collection with our Animal Management team.

Other things you can do:

  • Take care when approaching stray animals as they may bite when scared. We recommend that you call us and wait for one of our Animal Management officers to attend.
  • If you can safely stop a stray animal from getting away by putting them on a leash, in your car, or on your property, please do. We’ll pick it up as fast as we can.
  • You can also take the animal to your local vet. They can scan it for a microchip and hold on to it for us. We can then return the animal home safely.
  • It’s illegal to keep stray animals. Remember that they probably belong to someone and some animals may depend on medication or veterinary care for their health and wellbeing.
  • By contacting us to collect the animal, or by taking it to your local vet, you ensure the animal is safe and well. If you don’t you could be charged with theft and maybe even animal cruelty.

Animal accident and emergency

For after-hours emergencies, you can visit the 24-hour Animal Referral Hospital at Essendon Airport's Main Terminal or call 03 9379 0700.

Important contacts

Organisation Address Contact
Lost Dogs Home and Cat Shelter 2 Gracie Street
North Melbourne

03 9329 2755


Lort Smith Animal Hospital 24 Villiers Street
North Melbourne
03 9328 3021
RSPCA   03 9224 2222
Customer Service Centre   03 9249 4000
Last updated: 29 January 2024 - 3:33pm