Environmental Upgrade Finance

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Environmental Upgrade Finance (EUF) lets you as building owners fund building upgrades. With a EUF you can apply for a loan to upgrade a building and the repayments are administered by Council. 

How it works 

An EUF is an agreement between you (the property owner), us (Council) and a participating bank (lender). They're paid back through your property rates providing further security for the lenders, allowing them to offer very competitive terms.

When compared to other financial options, EUFs offer:

  • 100% project finance
  • competitive interest rates and
  • long term finance.

Watch a short video created by Better Building Finance for an overview of how the upgrade works:  

EUFs are supported by the Sustainable Australia Fund.

Benefits to business

By using a EUF to fund sustainable building upgrades, you can:

  • protect yourself from rising energy prices
  • replace old and inefficient equipment with newer more efficient technologies
  • free up cash flow by locking in competitive long-term rates. 

Eligible projects

With a EUF you can finance water and energy efficiency projects and install renewable energy systems such as solar. Only non-residential Brimbank properties can apply for EUF. 

Some renewable energy and energy efficiency projects have been pre-approved. Other building upgrade works may require approval from an Independent Expert Reference Panel. 

Examples of eligible projects include:

  • solar panels
  • lighting upgrades
  • rain water tanks, efficiency and reuse systems
  • fire safety upgrades
  • air conditioning, heating and ventilation.

Take the next step

We recommend that you visit the Sustainable Australia Fund website to apply for EUF. They'll check your eligibility and help you through the application process.

Apply Now

  • **LINK DOC: 17/143682 Brimbank EUF Application Form (PDF, 174KB)**
  • **LINK DOC:  17/143687 Brimbank Building Owner Statutory Declaration (PDF, 1.1MB)**
  • **LINK DOC: 17/143700 Brimbank EUF Application Terms and Conditions(PDF, 318MB)**

More information

Find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the:

Or call our Environment Department on 03 9249 4000.

Last updated: 16 December 2023 - 2:43pm