Position Statement on Social and Affordable Housing


The Position Statement on Social and Affordable Housing  (PDF 1.07MB) was adopted by Council in May 2022. It aims to encourage and support increased supply of social and affordable housing in Brimbank.

The purpose of the Position Statement is to:

  • articulate Council's position on social and affordable housing to Brimbank residents and other key stakeholders
  • outline the principles, roles and pathways that will guide Council's decisions and actions to encourage and support increased local supply
  • lay the foundations to further grow and develop Council's approach to social and affordable housing.

It outlines three core roles that Council can play, as an advocate, facilitator, and planner.

These roles provide a broad spectrum of potential intervention to enable Council to focus on multiple approaches which can be adapted in response to current priorities and emerging opportunities.

A fourth discretionary ‘partner’ role is also articulated. This recognises Council’s intention to monitor opportunities and incentives to use its assets or other contributions to support increased local supply.

Last updated: 25 January 2024 - 1:46pm