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Thank you for choosing Brimbank as the place to start or grow your business.

Whether you have plans for a new business, or are taking over or expanding an existing business, you may need permits and/or registration from various Council departments so you can operate. 

Understanding Council permits and registration

There are a range of permits or registrations your business might need from Council before you open for business. Here is an overview:

Statutory planning

When you start or change a business on a site it can require a planning permit under the Brimbank Planning Scheme.

Planning Permit is a legal document that gives permission for a use or development on a particular piece of land.

If you have found a site for your business and are not sure what permits you need, you should complete the Statutory Planning Business Permit Information Request form. This will allow us to let you know what permits you need, including whether a planning permit is required.

If you do need a planning permit the following checklists will help with the preparation of your planning application:

If you're ready you can Apply for a Planning Permit.

Building Compliance

If you are planning to undertake any building work, a building permit may be required.

Building Permits are required by law and are designed to protect you, the occupants and the community.

The Building Act 1993 and Building Regulations 2018 state that all building work require a building permit, unless an exemption exists under the Regulations.

If you are considering building work on your property you need to seek advice from Council or a registered private Building Surveyor to confirm whether a building permit is required.

If you are changing the use of a building, or the number of people allowed to occupy the building from that stated on the Occupancy Permit, you will need to appoint a registered Building Surveyor to issue an amended Occupancy Permit for these changes. In some cases a building permit may also be required where building work is required to obtain an amended Occupancy Permit.

The Building Surveying system is privatized in Victoria.

Where a Building permit or amended Occupancy Permit is required you have a choice of appointing a private Building Surveyor or one employed by Council to assist you with these approvals.

If you are not sure If you need a building permit, please contact Building Compliance Department on 9249 4603 or alternatively please complete the Building Compliance Business Permit Information Request form.

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If you're ready you can Request a Quote for a Building Permit.

Environmental Health

Council registers and regulates businesses which can impact on health, including food and beauty businesses, accommodation facilities and caravan parks.

Depending on the type of food business you are wanting to start you may also need other permits issued by Council including planning, building and compliance permits, or a permit from City West Water.

There are a range of guidelines and specifications to assist you in constructing and operating your business to ensure it complies with relevant legislation such as the Food Act 1984 and the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008.

If you are renting your property you will need to obtain written consent from your landlord or body corporation to operate a food or health business within your home.

Once your business is set up you will you will receive annual assessments and will need to renew your registration each year by 31 December.

We encourage you to submit a floor plan with your Environmental Health Business Permit Information Request form so we can provide the most accurate advice regarding your business proposal.

Here is some information which might be relevant to you in setting up your new business.

Fixed food premises

Fixed food premises are those which remain in one location, for example restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, milk bars etc.

Providing safe food is a priority. We have guidelines in place to help you in constructing your food premises so it complies with the Victorian Food Act 1984 and Australian Food Standards Code.

Home-based food premises

If you want to run a food business from home, you will need to hold a valid food registration.

Running a food business from home can be tricky as you need to ensure to keep food preparation for your business, separate to any personal food preparation. 

Depending on the types of foods you want to store, prepare and/or sell from your home, you may need to consider constructing a purpose built kitchen to reduce any risk of contamination to foods prepared for your business.

Mobile and temporary food premises

Mobile and temporary food premises are those that store, prepare and sell food on a temporary basis or across various locations such as events, festivals, markets etc. These food businesses are required to lodge their application through Streatrader.

Streatrader is operated by the Department of Health and Human Services and is a state-wide registration.

If you are also storing or preparing food from your home, in addition to your mobile or temporary premises you may require other health or planning permits.

Health premises

Health premises such as hairdressers, beauty salons, tattooists, accommodation are required to hold a valid registration with Council.

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If you're ready you can Apply for Registration.


Local laws

We administer a number of Local Laws seeking to balance the use of public spaces along with the safety and enjoyment of the community.

Your new business may require permits for items on the footpath:

  • Sidewalk Café - including windbreaks, umbrellas and portable heating
  • Goods for sale

You may also need additional permits if you are undertaking construction works at the premises. These permits may include:

  • Waste Container/Skip bin
  • Coming soon!
    • Service Parking Permit (short term exemptions for tradespeople)
    • Works Zone Permit (to provide constructions vehicles (only) to park in a declared works zone permit area)

If you are not sure what permits you need, you should complete the Local Laws business permit information request form.

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