Australian Citizenship Ceremony in Brimbank

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Becoming an Australian citizen is one of the most important decisions you can make. It represents a commitment to Australia and its people. We appreciate the importance of this step in the lives of conferees and congratulate you for the commitment you are making to Australia’s future. 

For most people, the final step in becoming an Australian citizen is making the pledge of commitment at an Australian Citizenship Ceremony. Applicants for Australian citizenship will generally be invited to attend a ceremony.

Applying for citizenship

The Department of Home Affairs process all applications and sends all the letters to the approved applicants and are responsible for ceremony allocations. You will receive a written invitation to your allocated ceremony from Department of Home Affairs.

Further information on how to apply for Australian citizenship is available on the Department of Home Affairs website or the Citizenship Information Line on 131 880.

While we host Australian Citizenship ceremonies, we're unable to provide further information regarding the timing of your ceremony.  All ceremony enquiries should be directed to the Citizenship Information Line on 131 880.

Australian Citizenship Ceremony dates for 2024

  • Tuesday 23 January
  • Sunday 25 February
  • Sunday 7 April
  • Sunday 16 June

Additional dates for the second half of 2024 will be updated soon.


When is my ceremony?

When you have been scheduled to attend a ceremony, you will receive an invitation from the Department of Home Affairs (Department) approximately 3 – 4 weeks before the date of your ceremony. Please do not contact Council regarding ceremony dates, as Council are not responsible for ceremony allocations.

Please contact the Department of Home Affairs for any questions you have about ceremony allocations or your citizenship status, on 131 880 or go online for more information about citizenship application numbers and waiting times for ceremonies.

Registration and what to bring?

Conferees are asked to arrive 60 minutes prior to the ceremony to allow for registration. You must bring to the following items to the ceremony:

  • Your invitation letter from the Department of Home Affairs.
  • Photo identification e.g. your passport or drivers licence.
  • If you do not have photo identification, you must bring three different forms of identification with your name on each. 

If you do not bring suitable identification or proof, you may not be able to receive your certificate on the day.

Can I attend my ceremony in another council area?

No. Applicants for Australian citizenship must attend a citizenship ceremony in their local council area or a departmental ceremony.

How will I be notified for face-to-face ceremony?

Applicants for Australian citizenship will generally be invited to attend a ceremony within 6 months from the date their application is approved.  You will receive an email invitation to your ceremony from Department of Home Affairs.

What do I do if I am unable to attend my ceremony?

Only exceptional circumstances should prevent you from attending your scheduled ceremony. Please follow the instructions on your invitation if you cannot attend for exceptional circumstances. 
If you do not attend a citizenship ceremony and make the pledge of commitment within 12 months of the approval to become an Australian citizen, your citizenship approval may be cancelled.

Can I do my ceremony online?

Due to local Councils returning to in-person ceremonies, the Department has now ceased offering online ceremonies.

Can Council fast-track my Citizenship Ceremony date or allocate me a date?

The Department of Home Affairs process all applications, sends all the letters to the approved applicants and are responsible for all ceremony allocations. Council has no influence over who receives their citizenship and when.

I am currently offshore – can I have an online ceremony?

Citizenship ceremonies will only be conducted for applicants currently offshore in strictly limited circumstances. You must have a compelling reason and supporting documentation for your request to be considered for a ceremony while you are overseas. Please contact the Department for further information and criteria regarding this.

I need my citizenship urgently.

Urgent ceremonies will only be considered in strictly limited circumstances by the Department of Home Affairs. To qualify for an urgent ceremony, you must have exceptional or compelling circumstances. You must provide full details and supporting evidence to demonstrate your exceptional circumstances to the Department. 

Please note that Council does not have any influence over this process, all enquiries should be directed to the Department.

Note, the following types of circumstances are not considered genuinely urgent or compelling:

  • Your ceremony was cancelled by your local council
  • Overseas travel for employment, holidays, visiting family, or weddings
  • Pre-purchased airline tickets, cruise tickets or overseas accommodation
  • General entry-level employment requiring Australian citizenship
  • Expired passport (if you are travelling overseas before your ceremony you are encouraged to apply for another passport from your current country of citizenship)
  • Expired authority to return visa to Australia (if you are travelling overseas before your ceremony you are encouraged to apply for a Resident Return visa)
  • Eligibility for building grants.

Who will be the presiding officer for the ceremonies?

In most cases, the presiding officer will be the Brimbank Mayor.

What if I need to travel?

If you wish to travel before your citizenship ceremony has been allocated to you, you must travel on your previous passport and permanent resident visa. If either of these have expired, you can apply to have them renewed.

I have been approved however my partner has not?

Only those applicants who have been approved will be invited to a ceremony. If you previously requested to be ‘linked’ with your partner you will not be invited to attend a ceremony until you have both been approved. If you wish to proceed with your ceremony without your partner please advise the Department and they can ‘unlink’ your applications.

Need to update address, contact or passport details?

Please ensure your details are up to date. Updates can be completed through your ImmiAccount. By updating your details through your ImmiAccount, the changes will be immediate.

Alternatively you can download Form 929 Change of address and/or passport details and email the completed form to

Citizenship test resources

The Department of Home Affairs provides citizenship resources and information to assist individuals before taking the test and interviews.

Last updated: 16 January 2024 - 3:39pm