Festivals and events policy and strategy

Street entertainer juggling skittles with community festival in the background on Hampshire Road, Sunshine

Our Festivals and Events Policy and Strategy (PDF 385KB) defines our role and ways we will support a program of festivals and events in Brimbank.

It outlines the resource commitments we will make, and how we will work with our community to ensure festivals and events are inclusive, best practice, sustainable and flourishing. 

Our strategy explores opportunities for Brimbank to partner with others to bring new audiences and offerings to the festivals and events program.

The aim of the Festivals and Events Policy and Strategy is to:

  • align the strategy and resourcing for festivals and events to our Council Plan.
  • support communities in Brimbank to deliver inclusive, well-managed and safe festivals and events.
  • provide a festivals and events program that is content diverse, supports gender and social equity, and is geographically spread across the municipality.
  • assist to develop the audiences and promote festivals and events.
  • connect local cultural development with festival and event programming.
  • help festivals and events be financially viable, environmentally sustainable and develop successfully.
  • seek partnerships and opportunities that will support a vibrant festivals and events program and promote Brimbank as a cultural destination.
Last updated: 24 January 2024 - 5:01pm