Amendment C225brim – Planning Policy Framework Translation

At the Council Meeting on 20 July 2021 (PDF 5.1MB), Council resolved to seek authorisation from the Minister for Planning to prepare and exhibit proposed Amendment C225brim (the Amendment) to the Brimbank Planning Scheme.

The Amendment proposes to:

  • replace the Local Planning Policy Framework of the Brimbank Planning Scheme with a new Municipal Planning Strategy at Clause 02
  • insert revised local policies within the Planning Policy Framework at Clauses 11-19, and
  • amend general provisions and operational provisions consistent with the reforms to the Victoria Planning Provisions introduced by Amendment VC148.

The Amendment also seeks to implement:

  • recommendations of the Brimbank Planning Scheme Review 2017, and
  • other adopted council strategies, plans and policies.

The Minister for Planning gave conditional authorisation to prepare and exhibit The Amendment on 9 August 2021. The conditions were administrative in nature and included:

  • Confirmation from Council that any new policy proposed to be introduced is demonstrated to have been translated from a Council adopted policy, plan or strategy
  • Minor reference and mapping changes including an update to the reference to ‘three aboriginal parties’ (Clause 02) in accordance with recent legislated changes to the boundaries of two Registered Aboriginal Parties, and
  • Update all amendment documentation to reflect the above changes requested as part of Authorisation.

Exhibition of the Amendment

The Amendment was exhibited from 4 November 2021 until 16 December 2021 under subsection (1)(b) of Section 19, involving limited notification under the Planning and Environment Act 1987. Exhibition of the Amendment has now closed.

A post exhibition report including a summary of submissions was considered at the Council Meeting on 19 April 2022 (PDF 8.2MB)

At the meeting, Council resolved to endorse a revised draft PPF and refer all submissions for consideration at a future independent planning panel.

Planning Panel

A Directions Hearing was held on 17 May 2022 followed by the Panel Hearing on Thursday 16 June 2022, which was open to the public via zoom conference.

The Panel’s report (PDF 860KB) includes recommendations for some changes to the Amendment.

A report is being prepared for Council to consider these recommendations and make a decision on how to progress the Amendment. This is likely to be presented to Council in late 2022. The Council Meeting Agenda is published on the Friday afternoon before the Council Meeting.

Documents which form part of the Amendment

The Amendment is informed by

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