Sport and Recreation Health agenda

Young female athletes smiling

Sport is part of the way of life in Melbourne’s west. Being home to some of Australia’s best sports stars, athletes and clubs, the community is rich in sporting history.     

As Brimbank is transforming, we're calling for:

  1. funding to accommodate the increased demand for girls’ and women’s sports facilities in Brimbank
  2. investment in the development of a regional multi-sport facility in Brimbank
  3. strategic partnerships to support the Transforming Brimbank — Sport and Recreation Health agenda
  4. development of an Integrated Transport Strategy for the west, that links the Sunshine SuperHub with the region’s Sport and Recreation Precincts.

Sport and Recreation agenda

To ensure future generations have access to the facilities they need to foster active lifestyles, improve health outcomes and support social cohesion, we're calling on the State and Federal governments to support our Transforming Brimbank — Sport and Recreation agenda (PDF, 1.4MB) 

In spite of being at the centre of the fastest growing region in Australia, Brimbank is not getting the levels of investment in infrastructure from state and federal government required to address the needs of the community, health and wellbeing challenges, and to bridge the disadvantage gap. We are determined to address increasing demand for sports facilities in Brimbank.

Last updated: 16 February 2023 - 3:19pm