We Are Brimbank Awards

Letter lights spelling We Are Brimbank at awards presentation

The We Are Brimbank Awards celebrate the pride and potential of our city and aim to publicly recognise the exceptional contributions, hard work and determination of organisations and groups that make a positive difference within Brimbank.

We've been celebrating our community with these awards since 2018.

Award criteria

Include the following with your nomination:

  • Tell us why are you nominating this organisation or group.
  • Give an overview of the project or initiative you are nominating including its purpose, community benefits and successes.
  • Demonstrated leadership: How has the nominee acted as a leader and role model for the community?
  • Demonstrated contribution: Describe the outstanding contribution the nominee has made to the community. Give examples of organisations, projects or people that have benefited from their contribution.

These awards are not open to individuals. If you know of someone worthy of recognition for their personal contribution to our community consider nominating them for a Citizen of the Year award.

Award categories

Arts, Culture and Tourism Award

This award category recognises and celebrates the fantastic projects, events, groups or businesses that showcase and develop our communities’ rich cultural fabric. We have over 65,000 years of aboriginal history and 166 nationalities represented in our municipality. Modern, vibrant food, culture, and art scenes complement our rich heritage and industrial past.

We are looking for a business or organisation that has shown passion and commitment to making a significant contribution to the city’s art and culture community or tourism in Brimbank by raising the city’s profile and encouraging visitors. These businesses have raised the profile of Brimbank and fostered its artistic and cultural growth with their remarkable commitment.

Environment and Sustainability Award

This award category acknowledges and celebrates remarkable projects, events, groups, or businesses that have motivated residents to actively contribute to and preserve our environment for the benefit of future generations. These initiatives have also played a pivotal role in creating a more sustainable city. This award recognises organisations, groups or businesses that have made noteworthy contributions towards enhancing the city's natural environment and/or promoting environmental sustainability within the Brimbank community.

Community Engagement Award

This award category acknowledges and celebrates remarkable projects, events, groups, or businesses that have significantly contributed to fostering a welcoming, engaging, and interconnected community. These initiatives play a vital role in creating a supportive and inclusive environment for diverse groups of people.

This award specifically recognises groups, projects, or activities that enhance the lives and wellbeing of residents, promote understanding, and provide support and positive outcomes for disadvantaged, at-risk, or vulnerable individuals within the community. By acknowledging these efforts, we celebrate their profound impact in building a stronger and more inclusive community for all.

Innovation Award 

This award category acknowledges and celebrates sole traders, groups, businesses, social enterprises and organisations that have successfully implemented initiatives that demonstrate leadership and commitment to business innovation through innovative ways of working, and/or have created something unique to the marketplace. This could involve adapting an existing product for a new market or introducing something original and exciting. Entrants must be able to clearly demonstrate that there was a demand for the innovation and that it has proved successful.

Learning Excellence Award

This award category acknowledges and celebrates remarkable projects, events, groups, or businesses that have made a significant contribution to the ongoing education, learning and engagement of the Brimbank community. As a community that highly regards lifelong learning and education for all, this award recognises the remarkable efforts of schools, sports clubs, businesses, groups, and learning centres that provide innovative and enriching environments. These initiatives aim to enhance our community's knowledge, skills, and overall wellbeing. By recognising these outstanding contributors, we celebrate their invaluable role in empowering individuals and fostering a culture of learning and growth within Brimbank.



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Previous Winners

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More information

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