Feedback and complaints overview

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We value complaints and encourage people to contact us when they have a problem with our services, actions, decisions, and policies. We are committed to:

  • enabling members of the public to make complaints about the Council
  • responding to complaints by taking action to resolve complaints as quickly as possible
  • learning from complaints to improve our services.

We strive to make the complaints process fair, easy and transparent. Where possible we aim to resolve your complaint the first time you contact us in line with our Customer Service Charter.

Our Complaints Policy applies to all complaints from members of the public about Council staff, Council contractors and decisions made at Council meetings. This policy does not apply to complaints about individual Councillors.

Contacting us

Let us know online, by email, phone or in person if you are unhappy about:

  • the quality of an action, decision or service provided by Council staff or a Council contractor
  • a delay by Council staff or a Council contractor in taking an action, making a decision or delivering a service
  • a policy or decision made by the Council, Council staff or a Council contractor.

How to lodge a complaint

How to make a complaint if you think your privacy has been breached

How to report fraud or corruption, or make a public interest disclosure

The complaints process

Your complaint will be registered in our complaints database and you'll receive an acknowledgement within 2 working days.  This will include a reference number, and will advise who'll be dealing with your complaint. 

If your complaint can't be resolved within our standard timeframes, we'll let you know what steps are being taken, and when you can expect to hear the final outcome.  

If, at any stage, you wish to follow up on progress, you can contact the staff member referred to in the acknowledgement details. Always quote your complaint reference number.

Dissatisfaction with Council’s response

Not satisfied with our response to your complaint? You can contact us again and a senior officer will consider your complaint. If you are still unhappy with our second response, you can make a complaint directly to the Victorian Ombudsman.

Your privacy

  • Your complaint information will be used to investigate and resolve the issue.
  • This may involve sharing the information with other departments or officers, if necessary. 

We may disclose personal information to external investigators, acting on our behalf, if considered appropriate. We'll let you know if this is the case.

Your personal information is always handled according to relevant privacy and other legislation. If you need your personal information kept confidential – particularly from the investigating officer or manager – please include this request on your complaint

Last updated: 4 October 2023 - 7:41pm