Activities requiring permits

Young man sitting on an amplifier playing the guitar on a footpath with a hat upside down on the ground in front of him

Under local laws, businesses and individuals required permits for a number of activities.


You'll need a to apply for a Busking permit (DOCX, 53KB) to perform at any of these Council approved sites:

  • St Albans Square, St Albans Road, St Albans
  • St Albans Bus Interchange/pop up park (north side of substation only)
  • Keilor Village, Corner Kennedy St and Old Calder Highway
  • Keilor Village, Corner Arabin St and Old Calder Highway
  • Sunshine Bus Interchange (south of Dickson St roundabout)
  • Hampshire Road beside ‘Man Lifting Cow’ landmark
  • Deer Park Post Office, CornerBallarat Rd (Service Rd and Burnside Street)

Busking permits last for 6 months. Permits are no charge but there is an application fee.

Busking at private sites are subject to approval from relevant proprietors.

Event permits

Street parties, festivals and other community events on Council property need a permit. Please visit our Event Permits page or Events Handbook (Docx 132KB) to find out what permits may be required for your special activities.

Filming in Brimbank

Professional and student filming can impact on regular day-to-day activities of our community.  For this reason permits are required.

Please review check when and how to obtain a filming permits.

Fundraising permits

Please read Fundraising permit information - special activities (DOCX 7.4MB) if you are looking to collect money for charities, particularly if it involves the sale of goods.

Heavy motor vehicles on land

Permits are required for residents needing to keep any vehicle weighing over 4.5 tonnes or over 7 meters in length.  More information on applying for a Heavy vehicle permit for residential property.

Living in caravans and sheds

A person must not reside in a caravan, makeshift dwelling or portable shed on any private land without a permit. Apply for a Living in caravans or portable sheds permit (DOCX, 128KB).  

Open air burning

Except for cooking food outdoors a person must not burn or allow to be burned any matter in the open air without a permit. Apply for an Open air burning permit (DOCX, 137KB).  

Advertising signs in public spaces and on council property

Outdoor advertising signs on council property require permits. This includes: 

Last updated: 24 January 2024 - 2:29pm