Electronic Gambling Policy


Brimbank has had the unenviable record of attracting the highest losses on Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs) - or pokies as they are commonly known - of any local government area in Victoria for the last decade. 

Our Electronic gambling policy 2019 (PDF 3.3MB) outlines Council's position on electronic gambling, in particular EGMs.

Local Government does not have the power to regulate the number, location and operation of EGMs. It is also not responsible for the regulation of other forms of electronic gambling. However, Local Government does have a legislated responsibility to protect, promote and improve community health and wellbeing.

This policy details what we'll do to reduce the economic, social and health harm associated with EGMs and other forms of electronic gambling in Brimbank.

Key objectives

The policy is based on three key objectives:

  • Advocate to Federal and State governments for a safer gambling environment and stronger regulatory reforms to prevent and reduce harm.
  • Minimise the impact of electronic gambling and promote alternatives that have positive economic, social and health outcomes.
  • Increase understanding of and take action to prevent and reduce gambling-related harm.

We acknowledge that EGMs are a legal form of entertainment in Victoria, but also recognise that many in our community are vulnerable to experiencing gambling-related harm.

Our Electronic Gambling Policy in action

How we're tracking in implementing this policy:

Report card - Electronic gambling policy 2022-23 (PDF 2.5MB)  

Programs linked to this policy include:

More information on the impact of gambling in Brimbank

Brimbank Council is a member of the Alliance for Gambling Reform.

Visit the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation for resources and more information about current regulations, and venues and expenditure in Brimbank

The Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission is responsible for the state's casino and gambling regulation.

Last updated: 24 January 2024 - 4:57pm