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Transitioning to a safe, clean 100% renewable energy economy means energy from solar, wind and water will be used for all business and industry power needs, including for heating, transport and refrigeration.

Brimbank businesses can access a number of Council, state and federal run programs to improve energy efficiency and connect to renewables.

100% Renewable Brimbank can help you consider the return on investment of:

  • installing solar systems on your building
  • upgrading old inefficient appliances
  • Environmental Upgrade Finance available to help you reach your green goals
    100% Renewable Brimbank for Business

    Check out the various programs and incentives available to businesses in Brimbank to help switch to all-electric appliances and renewable energy.

    Finance program for environmental upgrades

    Environmental Upgrade Finance is a loan for non-residential building upgrades, enabled by your local council and repaid via quarterly council rates. With no up-front payments, your business benefits immediately from lower energy bills. Upgrades include solar panels, energy and water efficiency, waste management and more.

    How it works

    • Non-residential Brimbank properties can enter a loan agreement with Council, and a participating bank
    • Loans are paid back through property rates
    • This system provides security for the lenders, allowing them to offer very competitive terms including up to 100 per cent project finance, competitive interest rates and long term finance
    • Watch this short video to find out more about how Environmental Upgrade Financing works

    How to apply

    Visit Sustainable Australia Fund to apply.

    Energy upgrades savings estimate tool

    With the cost of energy continuing to rise, energy upgrades are an effective way to reduce business running costs and further reduce your impact on the environment. This easy to use online tool generates a tailored list of upgrade options most relevant to your business including how much money you can expect to save from each upgrade and what rebates and finance is available.

    Go to Sustainability Victoria to use the tool and find out more.

    Find an energy auditor for your business

    An energy auditor will review your past energy bills, your equipment and the way your business operates. They’ll show you where you’re losing energy and what you can do about it. Energy audits can provide cost and savings estimates and help you map out energy efficiency projects in detail for your business.

    Find out about the types of audits available and see list of consultants complied by Sustainability Victoria available to undertake audits.

    Visit Sustainability Victoria to find out more.

    Business Renewables Buying Group

    If you are a large market energy consumer and want to join a group to purchase 100% renewable electricity, check out the Business Renewables Buying Group.

    Brimbank is excited to be part of this collaboration with councils across Victoria giving businesses the opportunity to access 100% renewable electricity using group buying power.

    Speak with an expert

    Complete our 100% renewable Brimbank enquiry form to speak with one of our experts at no charge.

    Last updated: 28 December 2023 - 10:21am