Keilor Village Vision Document and Concept Plan


Keilor Village Vision Document

The Keilor Village Vision Document  (19.5 KB) provides guidance for potential future development and land use within the Keilor Village Town Centre.

The document reflects the aspirations of local residents and their desire for an attractive and sustainable community, provides a broad range of retail opportunities and services, whilst enhancing its distinctive natural, historic and semi-rural character.

Keilor Village Concept Plan

The Keilor Village Concept Plan  (1.7 KB) aspires to maintain and enhance the history and character of Keilor Village while creating an attractive and sustainable community to live in.

The Concept Plan outlines three priority areas - the main shopping strip in the village, bus bay upgrades and, a new shared cycling path that runs along the southern side of the Old Calder Highway.

Key features include:

  • An upgrade of the main shopping strip with new paving, two large seating hubs, furniture and landscaping
  • A Water Sensitive Urban Design rain garden with a viewing deck linking to the shopping strip and the re-opened heritage stone gates at the entrance to the Keilor Recreation Reserve
  • Traffic modifications with enhanced pedestrian crossings
  • Bus bay upgrades with better pedestrian connections
  • A shared cycling and walking trail along the length of Keilor Village
  • New feature tree planting at nodes and intersections in line with the heritage planning overlay.
Last updated: 25 January 2024 - 3:00pm