Council's approach to caring for the environment

Grasses of the Matthew Hill Reserve with iconic silos in the background

We have several strategies and programs in place to protect native grasslands, woodlands, wetlands and other reserves and parks in Brimbank. Our Biodiversity strategy and Climate emergency plan provide details on our conservation activities and on our vision and plans to safeguard the environment for the future. Some of these are highlighted below.

Biodiversity refers to all of the plants and animals that exist in our environment and how they interact together. It is important to ensure that we look after our plants and animals here in Brimbank in order to maintain our biodiversity for the health and sustainability of our municipality.

Conservation refers to how we maintain the plants and animals that naturally exist here, and how humans affect this.

Weeds, pollution and climate change affect biodiversity and conservation.

Ecological burn program

We keep Brimbank’s natural environment healthy with a bi-annual ecological burn program (autumn and spring), pending weather conditions. 

It helps

  • maintain healthy ecosystems;
  • encourage native plant growth; and
  • rejuvenate habitat for native animals.

To ensure the burns are safe and effective, we

  • assess Brimbank’s native grasslands to see if management is needed; and
  • check sites to work out the most suitable weather and area conditions.

We sometimes change our burn schedule to take advantage of these conditions.

We notify nearby residents and stakeholders before we start the program.

Maribyrnong Valley Connection Project

The Maribyrnong Valley Connection Project is a 6 year program funded by the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action’s Peri-urban Weed Management Partnerships (PWMP) program, which brings the community and government agencies together to protect and improve the condition of native vegetation along the Maribyrnong River catchment.

The project has been pivotal to help protect and enhance areas of high value biodiversity within the Brimbank and Hume municipalities.

The project connects land managers, community stakeholders and the Traditional owners of the Wurundjeri Woi-Wurrung, Bunurong and Boon Wurrung people in the management of Country to effectively reduce weeds and improve the potential for indigenous wildlife and plants to disperse, recolonise, evolve and adapt naturally.

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