Recycling bins

Smiling cartoon bin with yellow lid

Recycling bins (yellow lid) are collected once a fortnight and the following items are accepted in this bin.

Items that can be recycled include

Placing the correct items in your recycling bin makes sure more of your recycling can become new things.

You may also find this A-Z guide to kerbside recycling a useful reference.

Follow the journey of a Brimbank kerbside bin to the Material recovery facility in Laverton. This facility sorts out recycling into streams of paper, cardboard, hard plastic, aluminium and glass.

Once baled, recyclables are transported to onshore recyclers or exported to be turned into new products and materials.

Some items not accepted in your yellow-lid recycling bin can still be recycled by taking them to one of Brimbank's drop-off locations

Items that should not be placed in the yellow lidded recycle bin include

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If you have any questions about your recycling bin, you can reach us at by email or 03 9249 4000.

Last updated: 24 January 2024 - 1:52pm